CIL Cast Boosters: Grey cap 5lb 3h, White cap 2lb 2h or 3h, Orange cap 1lb 3h, Brown cap 0.5lb 2h, Avalanche Guard 4kg 2h

 Description: CIL DC Cast Boosters are high-density molecular explosives designed to produce high detonation pressures for optimum initiation. CIL Cast Boosters are furnished with a cap well and cord channel to facilitate priming. The DC family of Cast Boosters is sensitive to a #8 strength (450mg PETN) base charge cap detonator, or 15 grain per foot or greater detonating cord. CIL Cast Boosters are manufactured with molecular explosives consisting of PETN, RDX, HMX and TNT, all of which are sensitive to severe impact, heat or friction. As with all explosives, Cast Boosters must be transported, stored and handled with care. Avoid any impact with solid surfaces or other Cast Boosters, as the potential for a premature detonation or misfire is possible.

Benefits: CIL DC Cast Boosters detonate in excess of 24,000 ft/sec (7,380 m/sec).

• Over 200 kb of detonation pressure ensures optimum steady state velocity for blasting agents.

• Excellent shelf life, highly resistant to snow and water.


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