Detonating Cord: 25g , 50 g

Description:CIL / Austin Powder manufacturers a wide variety of detonating cord to meet the requirements of the various explosives industries. Detonating cord is used to initiate detonator sensitive commercial explosives such as cast boosters, dynamites and emulsions. Detonating cord is also used to provide a path of initiation to non-electric detonators. Detonating cord has a core of PETN (pentaerythritol tetranitrate) encased in multiple polypropylene yarns, over-extruded with a polyethylene jacket and high strength textile yarns.

Benefits:Water and abrasion resistant. • High tensile strength. • Color coded for easy identification. • Electronically & mechanically inspected. • Insensitive to extraneous current. • Assures reliable non-electric initiation.


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